Beams Away

Aug 18, 2013

Saturday morning, Nestor and his brother Bernie were over to blow in insulation in the shop roof. Once they were done, we grasped the opportunity to have 4 extra hands to try to move the main house beam in place. This is a 52 foot mammoth made with four 2 x 10s screwed together. The original plan was to get the Hi-ho back to lift it into place. But if the ancient Egyptians could build a pyramid, Ken could move this sucker into place.

Along the wall Ken screwed in a top plate for the beam to slide along, and using the baby Kabota he got the beam up on the plate. But once he got the beam up, he discovered he couldn’t move it by himself. Enter Nestor and Bernie.

The three hombres managed to wiggle the beam down to the jog in the wall using their brute strength, being very careful not to have it tip over. I was official photographer of risky enterprises.

Aug 18 2013_moving beam_1

Aug 18 2013_moving beam_2

Aug 18 2013_moving beam_3

Once they got to the jog in the south wall, they had to pause to reassess. The beam was built to just fit the 52 foot span, leaving little leeway to giggle it back and forth. But the Egyptians could not be deterred. They persisted and figured out a plan. Since the plan involved adding me to the muscle power, no pictures are available as incriminating evidence.

The plan worked pretty good – up to the point where the beam had to drop into the beam hole. Then it tipped and sagged and things got really interesting. Long story short, not enough Egyptians. The Kabota came to the rescue. The beam was saved and eventually stabilized with some real sketchy supports. Most important, no one was injured in the maneuver.

Aug 18 2013_beam braced

The beam now sits waiting for the Hi-ho to return this week to move it into its final resting place. The second smaller beam will be moved in place with the Hi-ho as well.


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