First Floor Continues

September 11, 2013

Wednesday afternoon, Pattie, Ken and I headed back to Winnipeg, leaving Ken and Al to finish up. By the end Friday night, the outside walls, supporting wall and kitchen walls on the first floor were completed and the joists and half the plywood floors on the second floor were complete. Not a bad start.

West Wall

West Wall

Snack Break

Snack Break

We are modifying the plans as we go. Once you see the actual layout on site, not on paper, it is easier to visualize. Since we haven’t ordered our windows yet, we stood in our future home and decided on final size and placement. Other changes so far:
– The outside door to the sunroom was exchanged for a window. We figured we didn’t need 4 ourside doors.
– The opening to the living room area was reduced from 9 feet to 6 feet
– Reducing the opening to 6 feet gave us enough wall space to put a regular staircase in to the second floor, so the spiral staircase was scrapped. This opens up the living room area for us as the spiral staircase was taking up an area over 7 ft by 7 ft. Easier to build and a space saver. May save our spiral staircase idea for the deck as a staircase to the second floor balcony.

Being able to change as we go is one of the greatest benefits of building ourself. Al is a wonderful source of ideas, having built many homes. What seemed like a good idea on paper, doesn’t always work when translated to wood and screws. So while I stand in my future kitchen and admire the view out my window, its looking pretty fine.

Sunset through kitchen window

Sunset through kitchen window


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