Second Floor

October 3-6, 2013

I think this post should get the blog caught up with our building progress.

Last week, carpenter Al and builder bud Ken C were able to give us another four days of work. We had gotten the floor glued and screwed on the second level but the walls and trusses still needed to go up. For that, Ken needed more muscle power for that than I could offer.

Second floor crew - Al and the Kens.

Second floor crew – Al and the Kens.

After 4 days the second floor walls are up, we have stairs from the first to second floor. As usually, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Our plan was to get the trusses up as well. The Hi-Ho that dug the basement arrived to lift the trusses into place but then he discovered that he didn’t have the reach required. Long story short, no trusses up except the one we manhandled up ourselves.

Several phone calls later we found someone with a unit that should be able to lift those 35 foot long trusses into place – we just have to wait now until the farm harvest is off before they can give us a hand. So we are hoping that everything is a go for the weekend of October 19 and 20. The metal roof has arrived, so if everything goes as planned (hope reigns eternal), soon we will have a roof over our heads.

The west wall, facing the lake is two stories high and will eventually have a balcony off the master bedroom. There is an open area over the living room and a small walkway down the west side.

Second floor west wall with door to future balcony

Second floor west wall with door to future balcony

The east wall, facing the road, has only a two foot high stub wall and two dormers.

Twin Towers

Twin Towers

East wall with Dormers

East wall with Dormers


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