October 26, 2013

Still no roof.

This week Ken pecked away at the east side roof.

Purlins on East Side

Purlins on East Side

Saturday morning was cold and windy but we finished the east side so it is now ready for tin.

We went through all the various pieces of metal roofing sent trying to figure out where it went, how it went on and in what order. Sort of like figuring out a big puzzle. Far as we can see, this puzzle has 3 pieces missing.

We started with the flashing on the fascia. The flashing is metal that fits over the 2×6 fascia to cover the wood so you don’t have to paint it. The flashing hangs down below the 2 x 6 so you can slide your metal soffits into the channel. (Better for you to look up fascia and soffits than for me to try to explain it.)

We put the first piece up, and then took it off. We figured we left too much room on the bottom and the fit would not be snug enough for the soffits to sit in place. We put it back up, leaving a ¾ inch gap for the soffit. Then we looked at it and figured maybe we should have put the side pieces up first so we could wrap them around the front and then put the front piece up to hide the overlap. So we took it down again. Then we tried to figure out how to finish the end triangle at the corner. Then we quit. Better to spend the evening when it dark and you can’t work outside figuring out this puzzle.

In the afternoon we got the first row of purlins up on the west side, over the yoga room (which is what we call the bonus loft room over the sunroom we gained when the structural architect said it was cheaper to expand the second floor over the sunroom than to build an outside wall over the middle of the sunroom).

Purlins on West Roof Started

Purlins on West Roof Started

It was boot camp day for me. I hauled in lumber from outside, made the cuts on the chop saw (setup in the kitchen), hauled the lumber up the stairs and handed it to Ken who was up on the roof. Then I’d it all over again. I was dead tired by the end of the day and sound asleep by 9:30. Ken, on the other hand, does not spend all day in the office and has become accustomed to these full work days.

Hanna also had a busy day. Sister Sheryl was off to visit Mom all day so we were taking care of Kensi. Hanna and Kensi are both just over 1 year old and play together great. They spent all day outside chasing one another and exploring. They came in for lunch and collapsed for a nap, then went at it all afternoon again.

Sox and Kensi have never met so Sox stayed inside hiding whenever Kensi was around. After supper (Pancit – brown rice vermicelli noodles with stir fried veggies and tofu), when Sox decided to stick her head out, Kensi was too tired to care about the little kitten.

Hanna and Kensi - all tuckered out

Hanna and Kensi – all tuckered out


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