Roofing starts

October 29, 30 and 31, 2013

The boys are back at the Ponderosa. With winter fast approaching we called in the reinforcements to finish closing up the house before winter sets in for good.

Cousin Al arrived on Tuesday and spent the day helping Ken get the various flashings up on the roof in preparation for putting up the metal roofing. Ken and I have put up several metal roofs before (cabin, bath house, cookhouse, shop, garage, wood shed) but all have been pretty straight forward. This roof has a bit of everything – gable end flashing, eave flashing, fashia flashing, valley flashing, ridge caps and more! An expert to sort out the puzzle pieces and take away our guess work as to what goes where, when and how, was greatly appreciated.

Nestor and Ferdie spent Wednesday and Thursday helping Ken put up the metal roof. I don’t mind putting up metal roofs. Generally I am the guy on the ground charged with handing up the tin and Ken is the guy in the air screwing it in place. The higher the roof, the less happy I am to help. Ken and I did the shop roof, which is 1 1/2 stories high, ourselves. I hoisted the pieces up in two stages, from the ground to the scaffold and from the scaffold to the roof. This roof is higher and the pieces longer. Not sure I could handle hoisting these up myself, so big smiles from me on the help from Nestor and Ferdie.

As usual, everything takes longer than expected. The dormers proved to be more time consuming than expected. However, they did manage to get most of the east side done. The west side will be easier to do as it has a pretty flat pitch and is straight roof, no dormers. The boys put up the first few rows on the west side and hauled all the tin up to the roof so I won’t have to hoist it up this weekend. I am hoping Ken gets the last half dormer roof done today and that the two of us can get the west side done on Saturday. The weather forecast looks good!

East side roof - almost done

East side roof – almost done

The windows and doors are scheduled to be installed by November 12. I look forward to having the building enclosed and the first phase of building being finished.


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