November 2 and 3, 2013

We have a roof! I am so relieved this stage is finally complete.

Over the week, Ken, Al, Nestor and Ferdie were able to get most of the roof up. All that was left for us to complete on the weekend was the final three strips of sheeting on the east side and the west side. Nestor and Ferdie were kind enough to get all the sheeting for the west end up on the roof and most of it tacked in place. After hauling up the last sheets for the east side, I had a real appreciation for that job and was doubly glad I didn’t have to haul up the west side sheets.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning and raring to get going. Unfortunately, the sun was not. Saturday morning was a foggy affair. Beautiful but fog and frost on the ground make for slippery conditions. We couldn’t get up on the roof until almost noon.

Nov 2 2013_morning mist

Nov 2 2013_house in mist

Nov 2 2013_lake in mist

The fog was just starting to burn off when we got up on the roof. It’s pretty intimidating being that high up but once you get used to the height, the view from the roof is fabulous.

Nov 2 2013_up on the roof
Ken puts last west side panels in.

Nov 2 2013_up on the roof_2

Nov 2 2013_view from the top_bale garage
View of our bale garage. We built this garage 4 years ago out of flax straw bales. It was meant as a temporary building so the bales were just placed right on the ground. They are two thick for extra strength and topped with a flat roof made from 2×4’s and plywood. We wrapped the entire building in a bale tarp and built doors for entrance. The garage is full of insulation right now and Ken threw the new bale tarp we bought to protect the house over the structure so you can’t see the doors right now.

Nov 2 2013_view from the top_solar panels
A view of six of the new solar panels from the roof. Hopefully next week we get the other nine panels up as well.

While Ken finished the east side, I screw the west panels in place. Saturday we managed to get all the sheets up on the east side. The last sheet was just tacked in place on top. Without a place to stand inside the rafters we couldn’t reach far enough to do the rest and it was too dark to do more. On the west side, all the panels except the last one were up and screwed in. The last one couldn’t be put in as we needed to scoot down the rafters to get off the roof.

Nov 2 2013_Ken on Dormer Roof_1

Nov 2 2013_Ken on Dormer Roof_2

Nov 2 2013_Darlene on Roof

Sunday morning we woke up to the sound of tin flatting in the wind. Not a welcome sound. The wind had picked up and the last sheets of metal that were just tacked in place were flapping a bit. We set up the scaffolding on the north side. With all three sections in place Ken was able to reach the roof and get all the metal down and screwed in. No more flapping.

Nov 3 2013_roof done

Next job – house wrap. We got the first row on the south, west and north sides done. Ken’s hands have toughened up from all this manual labor, but even those tough hands had blisters from so much stapling. The tyvek did make a real difference in cutting down the breeze inside the house. We tyveked over the windows and doors. We will cut those out when they come to install them. In the meantime, we plan to leave only the east doorway open.

Nov 3 2013_North side tyvek

Nov 3 2013_West side tyvelNovember 2 and 3, 2013

That’s all for this weekend. We were pleased at what was accomplished. I was happy to have 5 days in the city that did not involve going up and down ladders or scaffolding.

This week Ken will work on getting the last pieces of OSB up, move all the lumber stacked outside into the house, get the solar panels on the shop roof hooked up to the batteries, and start disassembling the old solar panels reassembling them into groups of 3 ready to put up on the shop roof.

Next weekend the windows and doors are scheduled to arrive, fingers crossed.


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