Kindred Souls

May 6, 2014
So what are the odds that there is another couple living in Manitoba off grid, loving yoga and vegetarian food! A friend alerted me to a CBC article last week about Bev and Will Eert who are building a solar powered home just south of Portage la Prairie and we dropped in for a fabulous visit last week.

We have so much in common and so much we can learn from each other. Our objectives are similar but the methods used slightly different. Theirs is a home designed to maximize passive solar energy gain, ours super insulated to retain heat. Theirs is a more conventional home (regular toilets, electric stove, washer/dryer, heating) while ours is designed to use as little power as possible. They have a much larger solar array and I love how it is tilted to maximize solar power in the winter and eliminate snow accumulation. They have a large south exposure to work with while we have more trees and shadows; however, we will be giving serious consideration to increasing the tilt of our panels.

We look forward to meeting with them again and comparing notes – and recipes. The boys love to talk panels and batteries. Any discussion of watts and amps and my eyes start to glaze over. I am happy to talk wood stoves and gardens with Bev.


About Darlene & Ken

Experiencing life off the grid, building a home, and trying to live sustainably.
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