Winter Arrives

Novmember 27, 2014

It’s been a busy fall, at the Ponderosa as well as elsewhere, and I have not had the opportunity to post many stories, hence the previous long blog on the journey to wood stove heaven. Other than getting the wood stove in, what have we been up to since August?

– All the soffits and fascia have been completed. On the west side the eavestrough is up. The east side eavestrough goes on the veranda roof, which will hopefully go up next summer.

Soffits and eavestrough on west side completed

Soffits and eavestrough on west side completed

– Siding has been started on the east and south sides.

Sep 24 2014_start of veranda deck

– We started the front veranda deck. The base was installed on Ground Hog anchors with the help of buddy Ken C. Right now we have the treated wood that will form the roof trusses of the veranda sitting on the deck as a temporary deck. However, our plan is to purchase composite decking next summer.

Sep 27 2014_veranda deck

– We added an additional overhang on the south east side of the roof. We think it looks great and ties into the rest of the roof.

Overhang added on south side (very left in photo)

Overhang added on south side (very left in photo)

– Plumbing has been roughed in and the cisterns hooked up to the west eavetrough. We have two 1,100 gallon cisterns in the basement which should provide us with enough washing water. We had a nice rain in October which filled each barrel about one third. Since we have no plumbing fixtures yet, we won’t need much water for a while.

– The garden produce was taken off and I have 5 gallon pails of potatoes and carrots stored in the basement, along with jars of canned tomatoes. No formal root cellar yet.

In addition to building, Ken has also done a bit of travelling.

In August, he traveled with his long time slo-pitch buddies to Red Deer, Alberta where they played in the Slo-Pitch Nationals. Ken loves his ball, and his only complaint about living out in the boonies is the lack of baseball. Not surprisingly, many of his trips into Winnipeg to pick up supplies were scheduled to allow him to play a game or two of ball.

In September, he spent 2 weeks in Europe where he escorted a group of 24 travelers on a sightseeing Tour of Tuscany followed by a short Douor River cruise in Portugal. (in the photo below, the leaning tower of Pisa is in the background.)

Ken with group in Pisa

In November, he had his site inspection for the winter group tours. He flew out of Vancouver so was able to spend a few days with Christopher and Emily before heading to the Dominican with Kelsey for a one week site inspection in La Romana. The following week, he travelled with fellow tour operator Wayne to Mexico to check out the Puerto Vallerta destination. While he found some time for relaxing, most of the trip was spent making contacts at the resort and setting up tours for the groups once they arrive in February.

Kelsey Ken Suntanning_Puerta Vallerta_Nov 2014

Ken_Working vactation_Puerta Vallerta_Nov 2014

Me, I’ve been working and anxiously awaiting the time when I can move out to the Ponderosa for good. I am retiring on January 9, 2015.


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