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Construction Zone Kitchen

January 31, 2015 Three weeks into retirement and all is well. Ken is learning to tolerate my innumerable lists and things are getting done. Yesterday we finished the vapor barrier on the ceiling. Very glad to finally check that off … Continue reading

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Recipe Blog

January 18, 2015 Back in May 2014, I began facilitating vegetarian cooking classes. As I now live 3 hours away from the city, the classes have been suspended temporarily, as I have no desire to make the 3 hour commute … Continue reading

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Temporary Kitchen

January 14, 2015 Since I am here now full time, I need a full fledged kitchen. So our latest project was to set up a kitchen in the house. It mimics the final layout of the kitchen and while giving … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Celebration

January 11, 2014 Tonight we are celbrating. I just retired on Friday, so tonight is Sunday and I am not making the 3 hour trip back to the city. Instead, I spent my usual travel time with an hour of … Continue reading

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