Construction Zone Kitchen

January 31, 2015

Three weeks into retirement and all is well. Ken is learning to tolerate my innumerable lists and things are getting done. Yesterday we finished the vapor barrier on the ceiling. Very glad to finally check that off my list, It is making a difference in heating the house. Today is -23C out and a cosy +23 in the kitchen.

vapor barrier

The Kitchen Queen wood cookstove is doing a fabulous job heating the house. Since none of the rooms are drywalled yet, we are heating a close to a 3,000 foot space without problems. I am also impressed with the heat distribution. I was expecting the kitchen to be super hot and the outer rooms to be cold; however, the temperature is pretty even throughout. A couple degrees warmer in the kitchen and upstairs. Even the sunroom is pretty cozy.

Having a kitchen in a construction zone is a challenge. The floor, which is just plywood, is constantly covered in sawdust tracked in from other areas and construction tools constantly end up on my counter. However, I am enjoying my big kitchen and the inconveniences are minor. Today Ken is busy installing the pantry door, so other than the occasional need to hold something, I am free to cook. So my counter is covered with granola bars, puffed wheat cake and fresh from the oven cinnamon buns…and a hammer.

notice the hanner in the corner of the counter

notice the hammer in the corner of the counter

The kitchen is proving to be a wonderful space. Last weekend, we had sister Sheryl and friends Fran and Bob over for the local curling bonspiel.  We ate our meals in the kitchen around the island. We had 5 adults seated around the island and still room to move around. I could flip pancakes or wash dishes and still be right in the conversation.

Latest favorite meals – Sweet Potato and Black Bean enchiladas from the Oh She Glows Cookbook and 13 Bean Soup with fresh dinner rolls. Check out Ponderosa Cooks for  recipes.

Yeah, pantry door in. The pantry door was a splurge, as we were unable to find one second in the size we wanted. However, I think it looks grand.

Pantry Door

Pantry Door


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