Garden Time

June 29, 2015

Summer is officially here and we are feeling the heat with daytime temperatures approaching 30C. And with the heat comes the garden and the weeds. Can’t have one without the other.

We were fortunate to get a good mix of rain and sun and the garden has come along beautifully. However, after a 10 day vacation to BC to visit the kids, the weeds had a chance to take over. It has taken us a few days but we have it all weeded, and about ready to start again. The bonus is that we have already started enjoying the fruits of our labor with tender spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, kale (yes, I have kale for the first time ever), parsley, cilantro, dill, green onions and beet greens. There are so many choices for greens in the garden I barely have time to add any wild greens to our green smoothie rotation.

Garden on June 29

Garden on June 29

Right now the garden is ringed with bales. The straw bales in the front are wheat straw and supposed to be used to mulch the rows between the plants. The idea was that the straw would help prevent soil erosion from watering, retain moisture and cut down on weeding. But I have not got around to that task yet. Maybe next week. But in the meantime, we haven’t had rain for over a week and everything is getting dry, so time to set up the watering system.

We have a big gasoline engine pump down by the lake which feeds 3 inch water hose providing a spray of lake water worthy of any fire hydrant. On the plus side, you can water the garden in short period of time. On the minus side you need to be careful not to wash your plants right out (which explains why the straw to help prevent soil erosion). We have 200 feet of hose and that allows us to water the garden and turnaround area.

Ken and his big hose.

Ken and his big hose.

Our garden is pretty big, but still not big enough for everything we want to plant. We are also utilizing the open space in the driveway turnaround to grow our squashes, herbs and the additional transplants that did not fit into the garden. The turnaround garden also has two saskatoon trees (new planted this year), two apricot trees (planted last spring) and a few perennials (peonies, irises, delphiniums and a day lily) salvaged from my Mom’s perennial bed. The two lattice areas in the center utilize the posts left over from the bale garage. This year they have a mixture of sweet peas and climbing vines which I hope fill the trellis.

Turnaround area garden on June 29

Turnaround area garden on June 29

Besides these two veggie gardens, we also have a couple of flower beds. One on the north side of the garage which has ferns, hostas, delphiniums, peonies and the odd poppy. The peonies are from my Mom’s place and after two years of sulking they are finally taking off.

Peonies in ful bloom

Peonies in full bloom

The other flower beds are beside the cabin and have been around for a few years. One perennial bed with delphinium, heliopis, irises, day lilies, poppies and chives. Another with lilies. And the third one used to be a herb garden but this year we converted most of it to asparagus, although we still have a patch of sorrel and winter onion that I plan to move out this fall. The lily patch is now in its fifth year and really filling out. It should look spectacular in a few weeks. There is nothing quite like sitting on the cabin deck and watching the bees and humming birds enjoy the flowers.

Garden Beds by Cabin

Garden Beds by Cabin


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One Response to Garden Time

  1. Jealous of your big garden. We have to squeeze what we can into our 4’x6′ plot. It’s crowded, but we’re maximizing it as best we can.

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