Wild Edibles – Mint – and Wayside Flowers

June 30, 2015

I have been thumbing through The Boreal Herbal by Beverley Gray trying to improve my herbal knowledge and looking for new wild edibles to add to our diet. One of the plants I most hoped to find on our property, besides a nice stinging nettle patch, was wild mint. I love mint in my tea and smoothies. For some reason, I have had little luck in getting cultivated varieties to overwinter.

The other day, Ken came back from mowing with the exciting news that he had found a stinging nettle patch. It was a great patch, but even more exciting was what I found amongst the nettle – wild mint. I picked a pail full and promptly made some tea and put the rest to dry for winter use (Air dry on a screen out of direct sunlight. Store in sealed container). It has a very strong scent and flavor which they say keeps well.

Wild Mint

Wild Mint

I have repotted a few of the plants into a container and am hoping that I can start a nice patch in my herb garden. I plan to plant it in a pot sunk into the ground, as mint can be very invasive. I just hope it grows and thrives, so I can go out and snip a few stalks whenever I want to. Although the patch we found is very large, it is mixed with grass and nettle so picking is tedious and prone to nettle pricks.

There is now another wild beauty to enjoy on the way to the nettle/mint patch, Brown Eyed Susans.

Brown Eyed Susans

Brown Eyed Susans

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