Lake Side – Before

July 25, 2015

I have been working on the various gardens in the yard and have them pretty much under control. We are not starting any new beds this summer, nor are we doing any landscaping around the house. Once the decks are done and all the siding is up, we will start on the landscaping. Hopefully that is next summer.

So for now, we must content ourselves with raw untamed nature. And the west side of the house, which faces the lake, was looking pretty untamed.

July 1 2015 view of wests side of house

July 1 2015 view of west side of house

Unbelievable how fast the clover sprung up and was threatening to engulf the house. I considered taking the sickle out and cutting it down, but the bees were having a hay day in it. It was just buzzing with bees enjoying the sweet clover nectar. In the evening, I could sit in the sunroom and watch them flit from flower to flower. (I told my sister Sheryl I was going to chop down the clover. She asked what was I going to do with it, make a salad. LOL Maybe too many wild edible posts.)

The west side of the house will later, maybe next year, be home to a large deck, patio, outdoor kitchen and kitchen garden. To prepare for the deck, and control the plant growth, we have decided to put down a layer of plastic and shale under the future deck.

July 24 2015 view of west side of house.

July 24 2015 view of west side of house.







Ken used the Kubota to scrape the plant growth away and spread a layer of shale. Not much to look at but its a start. Perhaps next year the deck will go up.


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Experiencing life off the grid, building a home, and trying to live sustainably.
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