Enjoying the Garden Bounty – Young Borscht, New Potatoes and Broccoli

July 29, 2015

Wow, the garden is overflowing with organic produce just crying out to be picked. It’s like having a grocery store in your back yard.

We started the morning with a green smoothie made from fresh picked raspberries and beet greens (with store-bought apple). Can’t get fresher than that. And there were enough raspberries left over for freezing too.

Next task was picking beets for pickling. I made eight pints.

As it turned out, several of the beets were already too big for pickling, but perfect for young borscht. Add carrots, green beans, broad beans, peas, onion, potatoes and dill to the beets already picked and voila, a big pot of young borscht.

Young Borscht

Young Borscht

One hill of red potatoes July 29, 2015

One hill of red potatoes July 29, 2015

The hill of potatoes we dug up for the borscht is the first hill we have dug this year. We hoped for enough small ones for the borscht. What we found; however, was seven large potatoes, all over two inches long and a couple four inches. OMG, what size will they be when we dig the crop in September!!!

Cashew Cream Sauce with onions, garlic and dill

Cashew Cream Sauce with onions, garlic and dill




As a kid on the farm, the first feed of young potatoes was always served with a delicious, super rich, sauce made with farm cream and lots of garden fresh dill. And these potatoes were just crying out for such a sauce. But not a dairy one, a rich, creamy, whole food cashew cream sauce. So for super tonight, its young potatoes and cream sauce. This cream sauce is guilt free and full of protein, not cholesterol.


As a bonus, the potatoes and cream sauce serve as both the carb and protein portion of the meal.

Organic Broccoli

Organic Broccoli

Add a side of broccoli, our first head picked from the garden. This baby is organic and over 6 inches across and tastes incredible.





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