First Cherries

August 1, 2015

First Cherry Harvest

First Cherry Harvest

About six years ago, Ken planted a couple of Evans cherry trees. The next year, he planted a few more. Now we have six cherry trees. Until this year, none had every produced a single cherry. Last year, Ken went in search of a solution to his cherry problem. He got several suggestions including whacking the tree trunks with a hammer several times and fertilizing with turkey manure. Since we couldn’t bear to hit our dear trees (even without cherries they are lovely trees), we opted for thinning out the trees around them to allow more sunlight in and fertilizing with Turkey Trot. And this year, two of the trees bloomed and produced fruit, albeit in limited quantities. One tree produced one cherry, and the other about a dozen cherries.

To prepare for our future cherry harvest, we were able to practice our cherry preserving skills on cherries picked from Rae Dadey’s old tree.

Bowl of Cherries

Bowl of Cherries

I discovered that cherry pitting is messy and tedious work. I don’t have a cherry pitter right now, but plan to buy a Cherry-It Pitter. (It pits 4 cherries at once and has good reviews) For now, I pitted them by hand. I started by using a knife and ended up just using my fingers. Not pretty results but sufficient for making a cherry sauce.



I made a simple cherry sauce, like a pie filling by sweetening with honey and thickening with corn starch. It made luscious cherry parfaits with whipped coconut cream (see recipe on Ponderosa Cooks)


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