Main Floor Bathroom – Done!

August 1, 2015

Yes, another room is completely done. When we finished the sunroom, the end of April, I fully expected we would have the bathroom done by the end of May. Two months later, we are finally finished.

The main reason for the delay was that we were getting professional help with the plumbing and HVAC system, which means you have to work around their schedules. However, there was plenty of other stuff to work on and the finished product was worth the wait.

Main Floor Bathroom

Main Floor Bathroom

Yes, the bathroom is purple. Surely you were not expecting any boring old color. I love the fresh look and the crisp white trim.

The floor, wall behind the sink and shower are all tiled with the same porcelain tile and trimmed with a glass/marble mosaic tile. It was quite a process getting the plumbing in with the tiled wall. Ken planned for the plumbing and cut the tile to fit around it. However, he forgot about the holes to bolt the pedestal sink to the wall so we had to resort to drilling through the tile. After another lengthy delay, we got a proper drill bit and began drilling. After 3 days, we still had not managed to get completely through one hole and I was beginning to despair that this bathroom would never be finished. Then Ken switched from his regular drill to his Hilti hammer drill. I was sure a tile would crack, but it didn’t and we were through in minutes.

Holes in tile for plumbing and sink attachment

Holes in tile for plumbing and sink attachment

The shower is a walk in style without need of any door or curtain.

Main Bathroom Shower

Main Bathroom Shower

The bathroom also serves as the laundry room and our new Samsung VRT high efficiency front load washer is now in service. Its been shuffled around from space to space since last September, so it is wonderful to finally have it operational.

Laundry area in Main Bathroom

Laundry area in Main Bathroom

If you look carefully you will see the vent cover for the HVAC is still missing. But that last missing piece should be in place next week.

After installing the washing machine, we did a load of laundry and had to intervene to prevent the machine from taking out the sink. It was vibrating and moving all over the place. Yikes. We went back and read the manual and discovered that you need to remove the packing screws from the back. There were three huge 6 inch screws in the back. We removed those and releveled the machine. Voila, no more vibration. It runs quite and does a fantastic job. Who would have thought the packing screws would make such a difference. Maybe we should have read the manual first.

I am enjoying using the new machine. I still use the wringer washers occasionally as there is nothing better for dog blankets and really dirty jeans. However, the new machine uses less power, less water, less manual labor and less drying time as the spin cycle removes way more water than the wringer.


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