Veranda Update

September 13, 2015

This is what the house looked like one year ago.

Sep 2 2014

Sep 2 2014

And this is what it looks like now.

Sep 12 2015

Sep 12 2015

What a difference. The veranda/wrap around porch is complete. Does it ever change the look. And it is a super place to sit too. (Although the picture above gives the impression that the siding up, we only have the siding done above and around the veranda.)

If you notice from the last post, we have skinned the birch log supports. I really liked the look of the birch bark posts but it appears that birch does not dry out well with its bark on. The bark serves like a plastic casing, preventing the wood to dry and causing it to rot instead. Rather than risk the nasty task of replacing the posts, we decided to strip them. They still look pretty awesome.

We finished the deck surface with a Timberteck capped composite (Earthwood Evolutions Terrain) in Silver Maple. The recycled content is about 51% and it carries a 25 year fade and stain resistance warranty.

The product was super easy to install. The boards are really, really heavy and fairly flexible so carrying a 20 feet board was sort of like carrying a really long piece of spaghetti. I referred to the 5 1/2 inch wide deck boards as linguine and the 11 inch fascia boards as lasagna noodles. We are super happy with the finished result.

There are still a few finishing touches to do. The eaves trough still needs to go up and be connected to the cistern in the basement. This will add a lot more roof area for water catchment. At the moment the west side is feeding the cistern and with the abundance of rain this year we have no problems keeping the cisterns full. However, the extra water will come in handy in dryer years I am sure.

Also, the log supports still need to be finished. However, that will be a job for next year as the logs still need to dry out more before they are finished. We are not putting up any railing as the deck is so low to the ground. We have a single step up to the main entrance and will be a step on the south side and a ramp on the north side. The ramp will allow for wheelchair access as well as pulling up the garden wagon for easy unloading. (Eventually we will have a dumb waiter installed in the foyer which will go down to the root cellar in the basement.)

Winter is on its way but we are enjoying these last nice days of summer. Nothing quite beats sitting on the deck enjoying the warm sun on your face.

Enjoying the sun on the deck

Enjoying the sun on the deck


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