Almost Grandparents

October 6, 2015

Kelsey’s due date is today, any time now we could be first time grandparents. I am waiting patiently in BC with Kelsey and Matt, ready for standby duties as the birthing coach just in case Matt is out on the train. Ken will join me after the baby arrives.

Kelsey_Week 14_April 11 2014This is Kelsey on April 11, on week 14 of her pregnancy. Just beginning to show.

Kelsey_Week 40_oct 6 2015This is today, week 40.  Ready to pop.






diapersWhile we wait for the baby, I will cook, clean out the garden and make diapers.  These super cute ones I made a few months ago. They are a Babyville diaper pattern from Fabricland in a small size so it will likely be a few months until the baby fits them. They have a waterproof outer in adorable ducky and monkey patterns. The inner liner is a stay dry wicking fabric. Then there are a bunch of soakers that go in-between the waterproof and stay dry layers. Diapers have gone high tech since my kids were babies. However, today I bought plain white diaper flannelette and will make the plain folded ones, like the ones I used 30+ years ago. In my mind, still nothing better on the baby’s skin. The plain flannelette diapers were reasonably priced at about $3 each. But the cute little monkey diapers pins set me back $15.



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