Great Pumpkin

October 18, 2015

Kelsey Matt and 5 day old baby Jacob with the Great Pumpkin

Kelsey Matt and 5 day old baby Jacob with the Great Pumpkin

Matt grew a giant pumpkin this year, one that even Linus would be proud of. It took 5 guys to move it to the front yard. Its 31 inches tall, 33 inches in diameter and 106 inches in circumference. A friend came over with his portable scales and it weighed in at 457 pounds. That’s a lotta pie!

pumpkin stalkMatt got a special pumpkin seed from his buddy Jack and planted it in a pile of compost. He watered it diligently every day, sometimes twice a day, and pruned off all but one pumpkin. That special pumpkin grew on a pallet and was shaded by a beach umbrella. Apparently it can burst open if it gets too hot in the sun. The vines spread an area approximately 144 sq feet and the stalk coming out of the ground was like a tree trunk.

2_ready to lift pumpkin


Today was the great move from the backyard. With two 2×4’s through the pallet, 5 guys lifted and moved it in stages. 3_moving pumpkin step 1






4_moving pumpkin step 2


Once they got it to the driveway, they hooked the pallet up to a truck and dragged it to the front yard. Then the five Egyptians moved it to the middle of the front yard.6_moving pumpkin step 4






Matt plans to carve it on site before Halloween. But for now it is garnering plenty of attention from the passer-byes.


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