2015 Year in Review

January 7, 2015

2015 started with my retirement on January 9 and permanent move from the city to the Ponderosa. I am busier than ever and loving every moment of retirement. Life on the Ponderosa is both simple and simply wonderful. Although I continued to travel to the city to teach whole food plant based cooking classes once a month from April to September, I don’t miss the city a bit.

Xmas 2015_HouseWork progresses on the house. We are now 2 ½ years into the build.  This year, our main accomplishments included the front veranda, porch/woodshed, sunroom, main floor bathroom and pantry. Many other projects are in various stages of completion. Perhaps one more year and we will be close to completion.  Perhaps.

I enjoyed having time for my garden this year. We ate like kings and I preserved as much as possible. We are still enjoying canned tomatoes, salsa, pickles, potatoes, carrots, beets, squash and frozen veggies.

Dec 10 2015_snow angelThe best event of 2015 was without a doubt the birth of our first grandchild, Jacob Peter. Jacob was born on October 13 and I was delighted to be there to witness his entry into the world. It was love at first sight. Kelsey and Matt are enjoying being parents.




Gardener Feb 20102015 was not all good news. My mother passed away on December 19. She had battled various health setbacks in the last three years and defied the odds many times to go back to independent living. However, the time comes for all of us to bid this world adieu.  She was able to have a good visit with her family in the weeks before she passed. She was a beloved teacher, a tireless community worker, a wonderful mother, a talented gardener and an exception grandmother.

Xmas 2015_Porter Family_sillyChristmas was a bitter sweet affair. All of our kids and most of my siblings and their families were out. Since Kelsey came out early to introduce Jacob to Baba, we had an entire month of Jacob-time and Matt joined them before Christmas. Kerry was out with Megan, Katie (8) and Tyler (6). Christopher and Emily enjoyed being an uncle and aunt. We discovered that our new home-in-the-making is perfect for kids, providing plenty of hiding spots for playing Sardines and play areas for Lego building, playing marbles, painting and drawing. Ken was in his glory making up games and clearing the ice for makeshift hockey games. I finally got full use of the dining table that seats 16 and enjoyed our family cooking sessions around the large kitchen island.











Hoping you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you much health and happiness in 2016.



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Experiencing life off the grid, building a home, and trying to live sustainably.
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