Foyer Done

March 15, 2016

Progress on the house has been slow this winter. Days are short and power is limited, and we were super busy with other life events. We have been tackling a little bit of everything, and have lots of partially complete projects, but finally something is finished. Even though it’s just a small room, it does feel wonderful to have the foyer completed.

View of the foyer from the front door looking in

View of the foyer from the front door looking in

The foyer is designed as an air lock, six foot by six foot room, stopping the cold air from rushing into the main house whenever the front door is opened. It’s pretty simple, an outside front door, a small room with a bench for taking off your boots and a second door into a vestibule. In the vestibule we will have a place to hang coats, etc. And yes, the room is a beautiful blue, the same as used in the sunroom. I love the bright blue with the white trim.

View of the foyer from inside looking to the outside front door

View of the foyer from inside looking to the outside front door

In the picture above you can see the wooden cover on the floor under the bench. This is the cover to a hole in the floor going down into the root cellar in the basement. We were planning a much more elaborate dumb waiter but found this simple solution to work well for us. The bench is designed in two sections. The part over the dumb waiter lifts off and you remove the cover from the floor. Then you can lower 5-gallon pails into the root cellar with a rope and hook. We moved all the potatoes from the garden this way in the fall and it worked wonderfully. No pails to lug up and down the stairs, no electrical power required and no moving parts to break.

Bench seat removed and cover off the dumb waiter

Bench seat removed and cover off the dumb waiter

The bench itself is a thing of beauty. We found a picture of a bench we liked and he built it out from seasoned rough cut birch planks. Its sturdy and absolutely gorgeous and there is room to store boots under it.

Solid birch bench

Solid birch bench

What’s next? A little bit of this and a little bit of that. We continue to plug away on the bannister, I will try to do an update on that soon. Ken has gotten an itch to start the kitchen, so as soon as it is a bit warmer out, I will be clearing out my kitchen and moving it to the cabin. Then we can finish dry-walling the kitchen and install the cabinet carcasses (which are not all built yet). We have a friend coming to tape and mud the walls in April, so getting all the dry wall up is a priority.  And we have decided to redo the wood stove hearth in the kitchen. The black granite tiles on the floor are out -they never stay clean. We are replacing them with the same porcelain tiles we used in the bathroom, hallway and foyer. So once the kitchen is cleared out and the weather warmer, we will be attempting to move the 900 pound stove, redo the floor, and them move the monster back.


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