Old Man Winter Has a Hold on Us

April 17, 2016

Old Man Winter has a hold on us, and he won’t let go.

April 17 2016

April 17 2016

Winter does not seem to want to leave Manitoba this year. Just when the snow is almost all gone, bang, we get hit with another storm and its back to winter wonderland.

Apr 17 2016_hanna snow againThe last couple of days have been cold, windy and rainy. But the rain helped remove the last remnants of snow. And then this morning, we awoke to a fresh accumulation of the wonderful white stuff.

While the wintery conditions have put a hold on spring outside work, they have provided us with some extra days to get some inside work completed.

A week ago, our friend Nestor came to mud and tape the drywall on the main floor. Ken has been doing the mudding and taping on the rooms we have completed so far, but this is far from his favorite job. Facing several large rooms, we opted to hire the job out. One week later, we have several rooms ready for painting.

Apr 13 2016_painting sm bdrm2The foul weather this weekend may have gotten me a little crazy, but I had fun painting the small bedroom.

Apr 13 2016_painting sm bdrm1I even marked out the future bunk bed for grandson Jacob. (The bunk makes use of the wasted space over the basement stairwell.)

Apr 17 2016_closet sunshineWhen nature threw us another curve ball, and another inch of snow, I opted to create a bit of sunshine on my own. And what says sunshine better than a bright yellow closet.

What can I say, I like color. The bedrooms are a bright blue (bit more teal color than the picture shows).  I had planned on painting the inside of the closets white, but decided to use up the last gallon of yellow paint left over from the sunroom. Once the white trim and doors are in, no one will even know. Until of course they open the closet door and – bam – they get hit with a healthy dose of sunshine yellow.

Hopefully the weather will turn more spring-like soon. If not, I am off to the paint store again and no telling what color I will bring home next.




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One Response to Old Man Winter Has a Hold on Us

  1. Yellow & blue is a great combination… I’m with ken on disliking mudding & taping.

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