June 12, 2016

You need to develop a different mind set when you live off grid. You think about power usage all the time. Power tools are for sunny days. But regular household items also use power, and sometimes significant amounts. Vacuuming, running the washing machine and using the food processor or mix master are also sunny day activities. I only use the electric kettle in the summer, mid day, if the batteries are floating and lots of power is still coming in. Same goes for the electric skillet. However, a good blender is a must in my kitchen – sun or no sun I would love to have a green smoothie everyday.

We have owned a VitaMix for many years. It is a high power blender and I love it. Or rather loved it. It just bit the dust after 35 years of smoothies and banana ice cream. When researching what to replace it with, we discovered that all the new high powered blenders that have recently appeared to compete with the VitaMix, all use about 1,500 watts of power. Yikes, that is similar to an electric kettle. So when replacing the blender we added another criteria into our decision making – power usage.

35 year old VitaMix and new Waring MBB518 Blender

35 year old VitaMix and new Waring MBB518 Blender

We decided on a Waring MBB518 professional bar blender. It uses 550 watts, but produces a nice smooth finished product. You can get more info on the blenders we considered in my cooking blog post.

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