Baby Astrid Arrives

July 10, 2016

Jul 1 2016_Astrid and Family2


We have a new grandchild! Christopher and Emily’s first child has arrived. Baby Astrid was in no hurry to join the world, and arrived with much fanfare 11 days late.

A is for Astrid

She is the sweetest little thing, born 6 pounds 10 ounces. Such tiny little hands and feet. She has a long lanky frame and a full head of dark hair.

Jun 29 2016_with Emily1


Jul 1 2016_with Baba and Gido


We travelled to BC for her arrival, enjoying a visit with 8 month old Jacob while we waited. And I finally managed to find time to get Astrid’s quilt finished.

Jul 2 2016_with Baba on quilt

Jun 20 2016_Bike timeJun 21 2016_Guitar time2Jacob is now into crawling, standing, playing in cupboards and getting into everything, He’s a busy little beaver and kept us busy and amused.Jul 1 2016_Jacob and Baba

Jun 20 2016_play time with hanna2








Jul 4 2016_through windowHanna came along with us and Jacob was quite fascinated with her and not the least bit afraid.Jun 26 2016_Splash Park_Family2











It was wonderful to meet our newest grandchild and spend time with our first. I love watching my kids with their own little ones – musing a teething baby or soothing a fussy newborn.They have developed a selflessness.  They are doing such an awesome job as parents and I am so proud of them. And I cant wait until they are all out here at the Ponderosa in September.

Enough holidays, time to get cracking and get the house ready for the grandkids. I am super excited about our next project – flooring. At long last, the flooring is being installed on the main floor. The house is all ready and the installer just arrived. Going to be a busy week. Stay tuned for pictures.






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