Odd Jobs

July 23, 2016

While the cork floor was being installed and cured, we had to avoid working in the house. It was an unexpected bonus, giving us time to complete some odd jobs around the place.

View from the cabin deck

View from the cabin deck

I moved my kitchen essentials out and into the cabin where I did all the meals while the floors were being done. It was a great flashback in time. We spent so much time at the cabin before the house was started, sitting on the deck and enjoying the lake view.  The Ponderosa was my Mom’s favorite property and she loved to come and sit on the deck. However, its been years since we have used the cabin much. It was wonderful to cook on my mother’s old stove again, although my Kitchen Queen is a much superior stove.

peony bed

As a bonus, the lilies (from my mother’s garden) were in full bloom and it was a blessing to enjoy them everyday. The cabin area was designed as an oasis from construction. Out of the way of the house, on the north side of the garage and shop, you could escape from the chaos of construction. However, since we have moved into the house, I seldom hang out at the cabin and forgot how beautiful it is with all my perennial beds.

Challenging my fear of heights

Challenging my fear of heights

We still have not completed the siding on the house and having to stay out of the way while the flooring was going in gave us the perfect opportunity to work on it. We started the south side a couple of years ago and now it’s finally finished. It was not a difficult or big job but it was a challenge to work up so high. Both of us were glad to see it finished.

2b_Jul 22 2016_south side landscaping




2b_Jul 22 2016_south side landscaping


With the siding done, we could also do some landscaping on the south side, which had become a huge thistle patch. My plan for next spring is to plant eggplant and peppers against the house and melons and squash on the slope. I am hoping the melons and squash will spread and cover the area. But for this year, I will be happy just to keep it relatively weed free.

Garden July 15

Garden July 15

Garden July 23

Garden July 23

We also used the time to get the garden weeded. We have been having a whole lot of rain and now that the heat has also arrived, it is growing like crazy. We are enjoying the greens – kale, spinach, lettuce, collard, turnip greens, beet greens and snow peas.

And the raspberries are going nuts – huge and plentiful. Every other day we pick about a gallon for eating fresh and freezing. The Saskatoon berries are also large and plentiful this year. Its been several years since we had a good crop so we are enjoying snacking on them on our daily dog walks and picked a bunch for freezing as well.

4_Jul 22 2016_north sideThe siding on the north side was done last fall; however, not the porch/wood shed. Now that is almost completed. Just the top row to finish. But that has to wait until we get another order in. Somehow we messed up our calculations when we ordered the vinyl siding and we had enough to do only the south, east and north sides. The west side is yet to be started. I am hoping we can get that done in August.

4_Jul 22 2016_north side landscaping


We also took the time to get the weed patch on the north side under control. We decided to keep much of the north side in shale rather than earth. We work a lot in this area stocking the woodshed with wood and want to be able to access it with the tractor. Eventually I may put in some raised beds for strawberries but for now a weed barrier is down and a layer of shale. Further west is still weeds and that will be put into garden beds once the deck is completed on the west side.

5_Jul 22 2016_Hanna and Sox on verandaWe are loving the veranda, on the east side of the house, this time of year. Its lovely and sunny in the morning, and cool and shady in the afternoon and evening. The swing has become our favorite place for breakfast, lunch and supper. Hanna and Sox also like to hang out there in the shade.

I am hoping as the weather gets cooler this fall, we will enjoy the deck on the west side overlooking the lake. But right now, it is just plain to hot there once the sun hits in the afternoon.

It’s just over a week since the cork floor was finished and the final coat of urethane applied. The urethane is now fully cured and we can begin working inside the house again. Ken has started his next project, the stairs, and I am so excited to see this one started. I am hoping he can go from start to finish but we shall see if I can keep his attention centered on one project for long enough to do that.


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