After the Storm

March 6 & 7 2017

Winter Wonderland

The storm is over and it was a beauty. Snow and winds 6- to 70 km/h ripping across the lake to create a blizzard. It started with above zero temps on Monday (March 6) and rain and quickly the temperatures plummeted creating freezing rain then snow.

Freezing rain and driving snow on the tree trunk

With the high winds the trees got coated in freezing rain on one side. Then the winds switched directions and driving snow covered the other side of the tree. With the drifting, its hard to tell exactly how much snow we got, some areas have been swept completely clear of snow and some have drifts up to four feet. I think we received less than 10 cm. Lucky for us, as areas north are expecting 30 to 60 cm.





The sun come out in all her glory today, making the place look like a winter wonderland. And after over 30 hours of howling winds, the winds have abated. Still windy, about 30 km/h, but the reduction is much appreciated. So thankful for the one foot thick walls in the house which pretty much muffled the constant howling.

One blessing was that the wind cleared off the solar panels. With the blazing sun and cold temps today, we have an abundance of electricity. And no need to climb the scaffold and clear the snow off the panels.




We have started to dig out the many drifts – in front of the doors and garage, and although our driveway faired fairly well, we will wait for the plow to come through before we venture out anywhere. For now, we are content to strap on the snowshoes and wonder down our many sheltered paths within the trees. So nice to be able to put another log on the fire and enjoy nature’s show.





















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Experiencing life off the grid, building a home, and trying to live sustainably.
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