No More Dust – The Drywall Woes

May 8, 2017

We have just finished another two major milestones:

  1. Ken is pretty happy to see the end of drywall dust as well. After a day of sanding he was pretty dusty himself.

    The drywall is complete on the second level.  It’s been a long time in the works, but I am happy to see the last of drywall. A couple of weeks ago, Ken and Theresa were out and the boys finished the drywall in the upstairs bathroom. Last week, we had our good friend Nestor over and he helped Ken tape, mud and sand all the drywall upstairs. We used the Synko Dust Control Drywall Compound for mudding. It produces a ‘heavier dust’ so moist of it falls down to the floor rather than remaining in the air. It worked pretty good. After the boys finished sanding, I vacuumed the upstairs. The downstairs needs some dusting but faired pretty well. As you can see in the photo above, while Ken had a paddle full of drywall compound, he couldn’t resist touching up some dings in the downstairs walls. I guess I will have to repaint those walls now too!

  2. The bannister around the upstairs loft areas is installed on 3 sides, one more to go. The last side that went up, we sanded and varathaned the wood prior to installing it. However, the first 2 sides we did back in 2015, went up without sanding or varathane. We had a tight deadline to meet and we did what we could. I have been dreaded finishing that job, but since the house was dusty from the drywall we thought we’d bite the bullet and get it this nasty job done as well. NOT FUN!!! While the drywall compound might be pretty dust free, taking an electric sander to the poles was not. Some of them were in pretty bad shape and the electric sander was necessary if we wanted to get this completed this century. Ken sanded and I held the shop vac hose up and sucked up as much as possible. The spindles didn’t require an electric sander but it was tedious work doing each spindle by hand. It was a nasty job but at least everything is sanded now. Guaranteed the last side of bannister be sanded and varathaned outside, before it goes up.

To celebrate the end of dust and a beautiful day with little wind, we took our BFF (Best Furry Friend) for a canoe ride and had lunch on the lake.

Now that that nasty dusty part is done, the fun begins – painting!  I started today. It will take a few weeks but I am so excited to see it start coming together. Besides painting I will also varathane the bannister.

And while I am painting and varathaning, Ken is working on the build in bunk bed in the small bedroom downstairs. Once he has that done, I am hoping he will tackle the last side of the bannister. Wouldn’t it be great to have all that done! We had a raining day today – much needed, and soon the garden will need to be planted as well. Its going to be a busy busy May. But since we plan to take June off for a month with the grandkids, I don’t mind working extra hard this month.






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