Family Time

June 25, 2017

We declared June to be a holiday and time to spend with family. The beginning of this month we travelled to BC to visit with Kelsey, Matt and Jacob; and Christopher, Emily and Astrid. It is difficult keeping up with the grandkids when they live half a continent away. And they are growing up so fast.

Jacob and Gido


Gido and Astrid









As a bonus, Kelsey and Jacob travelled back to Manitoba with us for an extended stay. On our way back we stopped at the Enchanted Forest.  Jacob loved all the little houses with little doors just his size. However, it was a challenge to get him to leave each house.

Jacob ready for car trip to Manitoba

A walk in the Enchanted Forest









Fun with Tiger.

Little pig’s house of sticks









We made the trip in three days instead of our usual two. First night stop at Auntie Sheila’s and some fun with bubbles and her souvenir Hawaiian drum.








The next day was rainy but managed a few playground stops along the way.

Playground in the rain








Second night was spent at Uncle Glenn and Auntie Pat’s house. Jacob made friends with She-Ra.

Fun with Auntie Pat










After three long days in the car, we were finally home on the Ponderosa. Everyone was glad to be out of the car. Jacob was a good little traveller and slept a good bit of the time.

Kelsey and Jacob

Jacob and Gido enjoying a nap








Jacob is a busy beaver and we enjoyed having him and Kelsey at the Ponderosa. We got some Jacob time and Kelsey got some time off.

Jacob and Gido playing with their power tools

Jacob mowing helping out with the mowing










Jacob helping out with the cleaning

Dare devil wagon rides with Gido

Jacob and Sox









Jacob and Sox









June 24th we had a celebration and interment of ashes for my sister Laverne, aka Weiner, who passed away last September. Everyone came home, except two spouses, so we had a houseful. This house is perfect for family gathering with lots of room for the kids to run round.

A kitchen with room for everyone

Story time – Tyler, Jacob and Katie









Astrid learning to do stairs

Astrid playing with her Dad’s toy truck. Good toys are made to last generations. This one is 33 years old.










Walks with Hanna and Sox

Wagon with room for two to travel in style









Jacob and Astrid

Cousin Love









Tyler, Jacob, Astrid and Katie

Astrid gives Jacob a kiss and Jacob is not sure what to do









Bikers gather for Laverne’s last ride. A fitting send off.

Tomorrow, the last of the crew, Christopher and Astrid, will go home and the house will be so quiet. It was nice to have the hustle and bustle of young spirits in the house but will we also enjoy the quiet and get back to work. Time to get the garden weeded and some landscaping done.







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