Garden Update

July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day from the Ponderosa.

July 1 2017 garden

We have been busy the last five days since the kids left. The garden and beds were in desperate need of attention. Since the garden is up and doing well, I was able to give it a good weeding and have got most of the rows mulched now. It is really starting to come along.

The little greenhouse Ken made this year is a huge success. Not only did it get my garden transplants a good start but the peppers planted inside them are really doing well.  Below are two pictures of pepper plants. The picture on the left is one planted in the garden. The one on the right is one planted in the greenhouse. Both were identical when planted the beginning of June. I have the same stick propped up by each one to give you and idea of the size difference.

Pepper planted in Garden, 1 month later

Pepper planted in greenhouse, 1 month later










Basil drying in sunroom

Not only are the peppers doing well in the greenhouse, but the basil as well. In fact I harvested my first batch of basil already. We enjoyed a tasty fresh basil pesto and had enough to dry as well.

I have two eggplants planted in the greenhouse as well. One is doing well but one is not. Not sure why. I was sure eggplant would thrive in the greenhouse as it is a heat loving plant.

I have also dried two cuttings of oregano as well as some wild nettle (for smoothies in the winter).

Gogi berries in the making

I was pretty excited to check out my Wolfberry (also called Gogi berry) shrubs and find that they finally have berries on them. I planted 5 of them abut 4 years ago and am down to 2 bushes now. They have never produced before. I have heard that the birds go crazy for the berries, so I have some shade cloth on standby and will drape the plants once the berries are closer to ripening.

Herb garden July 1

My herb garden is also doing well. They are loving the location on the south side of the veranda.

Peonies in turnaround

Our plan for next year is to totally work up the turn around area. It has a bunch of perennials in it that are overrun with weeds.  Most are rescues from my Mom’s place.

Rose bush from Auntie Teenie Yanick in memory of my Mom

The peonies have stopped sulking this year and are busting out in blooms. And the roses are starting to bloom as well. The bed is also chock full of volunteer cosmos, calendula, bachelor buttons and sunflower. The bed is weeded now but I will still need to thin out the volunteers.




House landscaping July 1 2017

Without grandkids around to keep us busy, we have had time to do a bit of landscaping as well. Ken finished off the front of the house. We decided not to put in flower beds next to the veranda, opting instead for low maintenance shale, rock and planters. For this year, the rock and shale are in. Hopefully next year, he will have time to make the planters I want to place among the rocks to add a bit of color.

July 1 2017 Log bench in turnaround area

The beavers cut down this large tree and we hauled it in for a bench. Ken propped it up between large rocks to keep it off the ground and voila – a long bench. Just need a bunch of grandchildren to visit and play on it!







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  1. Astrid would love to climb on your bench. Next time we visit.

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