Drone Pictures

October 13, 2017

In September of this year, brother-in-law Dennis brought over his drone for some aerial shots of the property. The view from the sky provides a different perspective of the property.

View of the East side

The picture above gives a bird’s eye view of the garden and the turnaround as well as giving an idea on the size of the lake.

View from the South

Sweeping over to the south, you get a view of the solar panels on the shop. You can see the difference in the roof color between the shop and the garage, which was attached later.

South Side

In this close up view from the south side, you can see the hot house, the herb garden and the hill of squash vines covering the slope on the south side of the house. You can also see the mulched paths in the garden and the four brassica cages.

West side

This view of the west side of the house, shows the balcony (railing was not up when this photo was taken), deck and patio.

West side

In the above view, you can see the start of the west side landscaping. A path has been constructed running from the garden around the house to the shop. On the south side you can see where we have started laying rock on the corner. The area of grass between the lower path and the deck will eventually have a couple of garden beds and a path. On the north corner of the path you can see the small dark circle which is our fire pit.

West side

The view of the west side shows part of the bush area that makes up our property.  The small blue spot on the lower left is the kayaks, ready for a ride on the lake.

Workawayers Charlie and Stevie, Darlene and drone pilot Dennis

Thanks Dennis for the great shots!


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Experiencing life off the grid, building a home, and trying to live sustainably.
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