Snow or Sand

February 25, 2018

Sunny Manitoba in February

Sunny warm Mexico in February









What is your winter vacation of choice – the warm sandy beaches of Mexico or the chilly white snowy landscape of Manitoba? My husband and I have a difference of opinion on this one, so this year we are not doing a winter vacation together. I am enjoying sunny Manitoba, and he is enjoying sunny Mexico.

wind protected trails through the bush

I love it here in the winter. Its a quiet, tranquil and quite solitary, as we get few visitors over the winter. The cold is not hard to take when you have good gear and can suit up, strap on your snowshoes and head out into a winter wonderland right outside your door. With an abundance of sheltered trails through the bush, there is always a good one to follow even when the wind is howling and the windchill is bone chilling. And I love the pristine whiteness of my winter wonderland. No stressing about packing, getting a house sitter, or getting the animal settled. Like going on a retreat without ever leaving home.

For the last two weeks, I have enjoyed solitude. Just me and the fur kids, Hanna and Sox. Snowshoeing, yoga, meditation, cooking, and a few fun projects. Love the simple life.

There is not much chance Ken will give up his yearly winter getaway, he is not a big fan of the cold winter weather here in Manitoba. However, I am glad he is willing to go without me. (he organizes group travel so is travelling with over 40 friends, so he has plenty of company) To each his own.

Snowshoeing across the lake

Selfie shadows









Enjoying a hot chocolate in Sheryl’s quinzee


Snowshoeing with sister Sheryl and Kensi

Ken enjoying the sun


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