Workaway 2018 – Lucas

June 13, 2018

Lucas making blueberry cheesecake

Our first Workaway for 2018 left today. Lucas is from Belgium and stayed with us for seven weeks. Two of those weeks he was on his own, house/dog/cat/plant – sitting for us while we were on vacation. We are so happy to have had him stay, he was a great worker and an interesting person.

Lucas is the closest to a true vegan I have ever met. He practices the true spirit of the meaning of veganism – a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Veganism is more than what you eat or wear. Its how you treat all creatures we inhabit this earth with, as well as the earth itself. Because if you harm the earth, you harm her inhabitants as well. We had so many great conversations about veganism, minimalism, the environment, spirituality and life in general. He inspired me to want to be more ‘vegan’ and I will continue to work on that.

Lucas’s Blueberry Cheesecake

Lucas was a great help in the kitchen and a fabulous student. While he was here, he read How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Gregor and was quick to adopt his Daily Dozen foods to add to your diet. I did not get too many days with Lucas in the kitchen as Ken also loved his help, but we did manage to do a fair bit of cooking together. Lucas loved to make delicious desserts that were also very healthy.

Lucas’s Lucious Lemon Curd

Lucas’s Chia Bread with lentil pate and nettle pesto






Lucas baking bread












Separating dandelion petals for honey

Harvesting cattails in the rain

Lucas also like to forage in the woods with us for native edibles. He learned how to find Morels and helped me harvest cattails, nettle and dandelion. The cattails we stir fried for meals; the nettle we used in smoothies and nettle pesto, steamed for fresh greens in maple mustard sauce and dried for our use in smoothies over the winter; and the dandelion we made into a delicious vegan dandelion honey.

Drying nettles

Dandelion honey preserved for winter









Lucas and Ken installing acrylic panels on greenhouse

Ken also enjoyed having Lucas to help out, declaring he was the best worker he ever met. Lucas helped construct our new greenhouse (greenhouse post to come shortly), install a new beam under the woodshed floor, split wood, plant and water the garden and many other jobs.

Splitting wood









Planting tomatoes









In his free time, Lucas liked to play the guitar, keyboard, draw and read. He also loved working with wood, building very rustic items. He made a rustic fence and gate for the garden, a trellis for the turnaround, and trellises for the sweet potatoes in the greenhouse. The hinges he designed for the gate were quiet ingenious, all out of wood. We even built a solar oven (post on that to come later). And he gave me a lovely pencil sketch inspired by walking in our woods.

Fence with gate


Trellis for sweet peas









Fence along garden

Solar Oven









Its been a very busy spring, and we are so thankful for having Lucas around to help out on our many projects. We wish him safe travels and hope to meet up with him again some day.

Lucas’s Woodland Walk Sketch


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2 Responses to Workaway 2018 – Lucas

  1. Sylvia and Ed says:

    Awesome !!

  2. Sheryl says:

    It was Very nice meeting you Lucas
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Canada.
    Sheryl and Kensi

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