2018 Visit to BC

September 29 to October 15, 2018

Astrid, Nora and Jacob

We are home from another great trip to BC to visit the kids and grandkids. The weather can be iffy this time of year and when we left, we had snow and cold in Manitoba. It continued snowy and cold while we were away, but we managed to get through the Rockies before the snow hit there. And the weather on the other side, in British Columbia, was grand.

We had a visit on the way to BC with my sister Sheila; our New Zealand friend Stevie and cousins Adrian, Pam and Alexa.

We spent the first week in Kamloops with Kelsey, Matt, Jacob and Nora.

Wow, Nora is 1 years old already. What a sweetheart, and tough as nails. She has to be with big brother Jacob around.

Little Miss Nora

And Jacob is getting big and strong. He was eager to show off his superpowers.

Wow, look at Spiderman’s muscles!

Lately, Jacob is into hiking and Baba and Gigi were very happy to get out and enjoy the nice fall weather with the kids.

Gigi, Kelsey, Jacob and Nora on a hike

Gigi and Jacob

For Thanksgiving weekend, Christopher, Emily and Astrid joined us in Kamloops. We celebrated Jacob’s 3rd birthday one week early so that Astrid could be part of it.

Jacob is 3!

The grandkids are growing up so fast. Jacob is now 3, Astrid is 2 and Nora is 1. Interesting ages as they are beginning to interact with each other. They had a blast playing in the leaves, racing with the baby walkers, jumping on the couch cushions and learning to share.


Astrid and Jacob Racing Walkers

After Thanksgiving we followed Christopher, Emily and Astrid back to Vancouver for a few days visit.

Porter Family

Astrid stayed home from daycare so that Baba and Gigi could spend some time with her. One day we visited Science World. Its just a short walk from their apartment so we were able to visit in the morning, go home for lunch and a nap, and return for the afternoon. We spent all morning in the toddler room, and the afternoon visiting other exhibits.

Cleaning up at Science World

The second day, Astrid helped Gigi put up shelves for kitchen staples and we spent the afternoon at the playground.

Astrid helps Gigi put up shelves – “Ta Da”

We returned to Kamloops for a few more days, celebrating Kelsey’s birthday as well Jacob’s actual birthday with a trip to Paul Lake and a weiner roast.

Weiner Roast at Paul Lake Campground

As a birthday present to Kelsey and Matt, who both have their birthday’s in October, Gigi and Jacob put up a cedar ceiling in the bathroom.

Gigi’s helper Jacob hands over the nails.

We also took a drive to the Shuswap to view the salmon run at Adams River. This was the dominant year in their four year cycle. It was amazing to see but also sad how much our salmon stocks have depleted. I can only imagine what the run would have been like a couple hundred years ago. They estimate of the 4000 eggs layed by the female salmon, only 2 survive to return to spawn. Considering the female has a male partner to fertilize the eggs, that’s just break even, two for two.

Along with witnessing the awesomeness of the salmon run, we got to enjoy the raw natural beauty of the Tsútswecw Provincial Park.

Baba and Nora

Aubut family at Adams River

We took Hwy 5 through Jasper and Edmonton on the way back. Loved that drive. Nice scenery without the hair-raising mountain cliffs. Just outside the town of Jasper, we stopped to watch 6 elk grazing on the roadside. As a bonus, we got to stop in Edmonton and visit with my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Mike and a stop in Saskatoon for a visit with my brother Glenn.



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