A New Boarder – Booksey

December 15, 2018

We have a new boarder staying with us for the winter – my sister Sheryl’s kitten, Booksey. Life got a lot more interesting since he arrived. Hanna is now six and Sox is five, so its been a while since we had an energetic young one around.

Booksey was named by Sheryl’s granddaughter Penny as that is how she used to say Spookey when she was little (she’s big now – she’s 5!). And its a fitting name, as Booksey is jet black with white markings. He (we are pretty sure he is a male) is a friendly little thing.



Now that Hanna and Sox have adjusted to him, he enjoys tormenting them and they enjoy wrestling with him. Both of them are quite gentle with him.





Hanna even allows him to eat her food, which is really unusual as she is very protective of her food.







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1 Response to A New Boarder – Booksey

  1. Marc-André says:

    That little face!!! 😻

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