2019 Visit to BC

April 15 to 25, 2019

Baba and Gigi with Jacob Astrid and Nora (who is not happy at the moment)

We celebrated Easter in BC. After our cross continent trip to Miami last month, we decided we had enough of driving and flew instead. We spent a few days in Kamloops with Kelsey, Matt, Jacob and Nora before Christopher, Emily and Astrid arrived for the Easter weekend. After the weekend, we drove back to Vancouver with Christopher, Emily and Astrid and spent a few more days with them before flying home. It was great to see everyone again and spend some time with the grandkids we are growing up so fast. Jacob is now 42 months, Astrid is 34 months and Nora is 19 months.

Kelsey, Jacob and Nora met us at the airport with this super cute sign.

With the Aubuts, we enjoyed an outings to gymnastics, the pool, hiking, the river and the skateboard park.

Baba hiking the Kamloops hills with Jacob and Nora

Kelsey, Jacob and Nora on our hike.

Baba, Kelsey, Matt, Jacob and Nora enjoying the beach along the river.

Matt and Jacob showed us their moves at the skateboard park.

Once Astrid arrived it got even more fun, with three young people to keep us busy. Baba, Gigi, Christopher and Emily all took turns with the stomach flu. Luckily Matt, Kelsey and the kids avoided it. None-the-less, we enjoyed Easter egg hunts, the wildlife park, the park, making pizza and pancakes, doing crafts and just plain having fun.

Kelsey putting on three pairs of shoes.

Jacob, Astrid and Nora enjoying the pizza they helped make.

Easter egg hunt in the backyard

Jacob and his pail of eggs









Astrid and her pail of eggs

Nora with her Easter Eggs









Craft time

A very tame crow came to visit.









In Vancouver, Baba and Gigi enjoyed 2 full days with Astrid. We visited Science World, Mommy’s work, the library for story time and made cookies.

Astrid at Science World

Astrid making cookies with Baba









Kelsey, Matt, Jacob and Nora


Christopher, Emily and Astrid

Thanks for the great visit. Can’t wait to see you all again.

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