Rent a Gigi 2019

December 2019

With the Hidden Bed now complete there is not too many carpentry projects left to do and Ken is left with some time on his hands. Luckily, we have kids with houses of their own that can use his expertise. To keep his skills from getting rusty, we have our Rent a Gigi (aka grandfather) Service. And Gigi works cheap – a good vegan meal and grandchildren to jump all over him is all he asks.

Carpenter Matt

This month, Ken flew to BC with a duffle bag full of tools. In Kamloops, Matt was off work for the week and the boys turned the big master bedroom into two smaller bedrooms – one for Jacob and one for Nora. Gigi was there for the big job – taking out one closet to make room for a doorway, putting up two walls to create two rooms and a hall, electrical, drywall and the first coat of plaster. After that, Matt and Kelsey were left with the second coat of plaster, painting and new flooring. The kids love their new rooms.


Jacob helping with the closet demolition

Matt and Ken installing new kitchen light fixture









Nora having a nap with Gigi

Jacob helps Momma prime his bedroom
















Astrid and Gigi removing carpet

After the Kamloops job, Ken headed to Vancouver to help Christopher and Emily out. They just purchased their first house and took possession the day Gigi arrived with his tool bag (sort of like Mary Poppins, but not really). Christopher had a week off work and the boys removed the carpets and installed hardwood flooring. They rented the big tools from the Tool Library, which is a pretty cool service to have. Gigi had enough time to put the baseboards back up before packing his toolbag and flying home.

Astrid ready with her toolbelt to help Gigi

But first all the tools and flooring have to be hauled up the stairs to the house then up two more flights of stairs.









Father Son bonding time








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2 Responses to Rent a Gigi 2019

  1. Love the tool library and the renovations! I read about the idea of such a service years ago. Neat to see it being implemented. All the best to your family through Christmas and beyond.

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