2020_Baba visits the Grandkids

January 2020

In January I had an opportunity to get a little Baba Time in with the kids and grandkids. I spent a few days in Winnipeg with Kerry, Megan, Katie and Tyler before flying out to Kamloops. I spent two weeks in Kamloops with Kelsey, Matt, Jacob and Nora. I took the bus to Vancouver and spent another week with Christopher, Emily and Astrid. Such a wonderful holiday.

While in Winnipeg I got to watch a Parent/Daughter Hockey match, with Kerry playing for the parents and Katie for the kids. Was very impressed with Kerry’s skill level, considering she hasn’t been on skates for years. Guess something of all those years of Ringette playing stayed with her. However, Katie could skate circles around her. The girl is good. Also enjoyed a board game night and helped celebrate Katie’s 12th birthday.

Katie Tyler Kerry Megan Board Game Night

Celebrating Katie’s 12th birthday

Kerry Katie at Parents vs Daughters Hockey Game















At Kelsey’s I was able to watch two of Jacob’s skating lessons. He’s a fast learning and the amount of progress was phenomenal. Besides playing with the kids, Kelsey and I managed to get both Nora and Jacob’s room wallpapered. (These are the bedrooms Ken and Matt built in December.) After I left they had new carpet put in, so the bedrooms are pretty much complete except for final decorating touches.

Jacob’s skating lessons

Jacob and Nora play dough









Nora reading I am Max, for the 100th time. She knows it by heart

Nora making cookies









Jacob’s wallpaper

Nora’s wallpaper







Jacob and Nora fun in the snow








At Christopher’s, I got to see their new home (the one Ken helped Christopher install hardwood floors in December). Astrid showed me all around the house and told me I could sleep in Gigi’s room. I guess the first visitor gets the spare room named after them. Astrid stayed home from daycare for 4 days so we had lots of fun together. We went to the community center play gym time, the library story time, made cookies and muffins, had a tea party with her stuffed animals, read books and played board games.

Astrid Swimming Lessons

Astrid at community center play gym









Astrid playing in the bike box

Astrid cuddling with her Unicorn








Astrid has wonderful thick hair and she allowed me to braid it for her every morning. And Baba let her choose whatever she wanted to wear – which was usually an unusual mix of several different outfits.

Braiding Astrid’s hair

The girl has style!









One of the downsides of life off grid is that someone needs to be home during the winter to keep the house heated with the wood stove. Unless we have a house sitter, one of us stays home. Lucky for me, I don’t mind the winter or the solitude. I am back home now enjoying the quiet and calm of Ponderosa life while Ken is off to Mexico for another of his group trips.



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