Farewell Glenn

February 4, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I post the passing of my one and only brother, Glenn.

Glenn and his lovely golden locks, in 2013

Glenn was born on September 26, 1956, first born of Peter and Joyce Coulson. He was followed by four sisters, Darlene, Laverne, Sheila and Sheryl. He graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture with a degree in Plant Science in 1978. He worked in the food industry for most of his career. He is pre-deceased by his parents and his sister Laverne.

Glenn, Joyce with Sheila, Darlene, Peter with Sheryl, Laverne 1966


He is survived by his wife Pat and his sons Justin, and his wife Erin, and Alexander.

Alexander Justin, Pat and Glenn in 2014

Glenn was always quick to a smile and known for his quirky sense of humor. If Glenn was around you could be assured of a good ribbing and lots of laughs. Glenn was never in a hurry and always had time to chat – with everybody, especially total strangers. If he phoned, you might as well pour a cup of tea and pull up a chair, you would be there for a while.

Glenn also loved music and was an avid collector of vinyl records. Maybe not so much as a collector as a keeper – most of his extensive collection was from his youth, when vinyl records where what we listened to. I have fond memories of his teenage years listening to his Jesus Christ Super Star album. He was a volunteer radio host with Saskatoon Community Radio CFCR90.5 FM. From 2008 to 2013 he hosted Wednesday night So Many Roads and from 2013 to 2018 he hosted Monday night Rollin & Tumblin with the Blues. He was also a volunteer with the Saskatoon Blues Society.

The greatest joys in Glenn’s life were is wife Pat (aka, “my lovely bride”), his boys Justin and Alexander, and his dogs Emily (deceased) and She-Ra. Relaxation to Glenn was a long slow mosey through a nature preserve with his trusty dog at his side. He loved to work with wood and built many unusual features for their backyard. If Glenn built something, you could be sure it would last forever.

Glenn about age 2

Glenn age 10









Glenn Grade 12

Glenn University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science Graduation 1978









Married to Pat in 1986

Glenn and his best friend SheRa 2018









The Babushka Babas – Babushka Glenn with Babushka fur babas Kensi and SheRa 2018

Glenn with his boys, Alexander and Justin









And my last picture is from my last visit with Glenn in October 2019.

Glenn October 30, 2019




I will miss you big brother.

Vichnaya Pomyat (Memory Eternal).

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