Two old hippies and their dog try to find health, happiness and inner peace on a quarter section of land in rural Manitoba. Follow us for sustainable living, house building, organic gardening, vegan cooking, carpentry and off grid living experiences.


4 Responses to About

  1. OK, I think I like you guys, so I will follow…

  2. Woody Chain says:

    Over 15 yrs ago I had a similar dream, left the Motor City and headed with my family to the remote Rockie Mountains South of you guys, in Yaak Montana. We learned about sustainability and simple sanity, by using our wits instead of our check books. As you embark down a similar path we wish you guys peace, joy, health and happiness. Your Blog is an inspiration to me, to learn more, love more, and write more, thanks!

  3. Hi there..Ken & Darlene..
    This is Catherine (or Cate as most of my friends call me.)
    Your guide in Florence this coming September.

    What a wonderful project you have going there..
    I adore the countryside and am a semi vegetarian..Meaning I mostly only eat veggies these days.
    Really looking forward to meeting you in Italy..

    • Hi Cate, Ken is looking forward to his Mediterranean tour this fall. I won’t be going. Ken loves to travel, but I prefer to stay home. If you are looking for some good recipes, you can visit my cooking blog ponderosacooks.wordpress.com


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