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Garden 2019

July 9, 2019   It’s been a busy spring. We have been busy outside – gardening and landscaping. Now all the hard work is starting to show its rewards with big lush plants, fresh veggies and blossoms of all colors. … Continue reading

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2019 Workaway – Hannah and Vicky

February 17 to April 28, 2019 Our Workaway experience continues successfully. Hannah and Vicky were a delightful couple who answered our call for a housesitter for April. When our plans suddenly changed to include a cruise in March as well … Continue reading

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2019 Visit to BC

April 15 to 25, 2019 We celebrated Easter in BC. After our cross continent trip to Miami last month, we decided we had enough of driving and flew instead. We spent a few days in Kamloops with Kelsey, Matt, Jacob … Continue reading

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We Have Worms!

March 29, 2019 Yippee, we have worms again! Not the intestinal kind, but the composting kind, the vermiculture kind – red wigglers. When Christopher was nine years old, we bought a small package of composting worms while travelling through Saskatoon … Continue reading

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Holistic Holiday at Sea

March 3 to 14, 2019 We have just returned from a most amazing holiday. I know I had decided I would not travel in the winter any longer (see Snow or Sand), and I did stay home this winter for two … Continue reading

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2018 Year in Review

Another year gone, in a blink of the eye. How fast time goes by. It was another busy year for the Porters. Last year I reported that, five years after ground breaking, the house was essentially finished. So we spent … Continue reading

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A New Boarder – Booksey

December 15, 2018 We have a new boarder staying with us for the winter – my sister Sheryl’s kitten, Booksey. Life got a lot more interesting since he arrived. Hanna is now six and Sox is five, so its been … Continue reading

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