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2016 Year in Review

December 31, 2016 Another year has come and gone with more than its fair share of both happiness and sorrow. The year was off to a rough start with my mother’s funeral on January 2. It is hard to believe … Continue reading

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Temporary Kitchen

January 14, 2015 Since I am here now full time, I need a full fledged kitchen. So our latest project was to set up a kitchen in the house. It mimics the final layout of the kitchen and while giving … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Celebration

January 11, 2014 Tonight we are celbrating. I just retired on Friday, so tonight is Sunday and I am not making the 3 hour trip back to the city. Instead, I spent my usual travel time with an hour of … Continue reading

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Winter Arrives

Novmember 27, 2014 It’s been a busy fall, at the Ponderosa as well as elsewhere, and I have not had the opportunity to post many stories, hence the previous long blog on the journey to wood stove heaven. Other than getting the … Continue reading

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Kitchen Queen 480 Wood Cookstove

August 10 to November 25, 2014 After a nice long fall season, winter has descended – fast and furious. Our main project this fall was to get our new wood cookstove installed in the house before the heating season arrived. … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Markets and Marvelous Manitoba Products

August 15, 2015 I love Farmers’ Markets and am lucky to have one right on Donald Street every Thursday during the summer. I can escape during lunch hour and get my shopping done, buying fresh local products. Although I have … Continue reading

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The Art of Building a Woodpile

July 20, 2014 The other day, Ken announced that he would like to build a woodpile like his grandfather used to build. I laughed, because Ken is not the woodpile building kind of guy. He is more chop and split … Continue reading

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