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Grey Water Woes

April 8, 2018 File this one under “Live and Learn”. Most of what we do out here on the Ponderosa, does not come with a manual. We make it up as we go along. Sometimes it works out great, but … Continue reading

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Upstairs Bathroom Complete

November 14, 2017 Now that winter has arrived in Manitoba, we have time to work on indoor projects – like the upstairs bathroom. For a long time, we didn’t have an indoor bathroom. Instead we had an outhouse (and still … Continue reading

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Ponderosa Fall Update

November 17, 2015 The new Baba and Gido are back home on the Ponderosa.         To the left is a recent picture of the little guy. He is growing like crazy. We miss our daily dose of … Continue reading

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Off Grid Hot Water

August 11, 2015 Can you imagine the luxury of turning a tap and out comes hot or cold water. Nothing to haul, nothing to heat up. Just turn the tap. It’s amazing. Maybe hot running water isn’t a big deal … Continue reading

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